Learning from Levertoff

The Law and Love, Part 2[04]

Keeping the law to a devout Jew is a means to achieving union with God. One may ask where grace and love come into the picture? Yahnatan Lasko unpacks some ideas Paul Philip Levertoffs presented on these matters in his book Love and the Messianic Age.

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Learning from Levertoff[12 Videos]


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    Meditating on His Own Torah

    In The Sabbath Table, we included a special version of Kiddush on Erev Shabbat for Messianic Gentiles which highlights their important place in the Kingdom and relationship with the Sabbath.

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    Abram Poljak in His Own Words


    Vine of David presents the story of Abram (Bram) Poljak, pioneer of the Messianic Jewish movement, told in his own words. Follow the dramatic story of the pivotal character of twentieth-century Messianic Judaism. An amazing trip through history and the story of a hero of faith for today.

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    Messiah Magazine

    Preparation Day

    The seven days of the week provide us with a prophetic timeline of God’s universe. Just as one must prepare during the week—especially on the sixth day—for Shabbat, we must also prepare in this era for the coming kingdom of heaven. We do so by faith, repentance, and good deeds.