Learning from Levertoff

Love and the Gospel of John, Part 1[11]

Join Rabbi Joshua Brumbach as he delves into some ideas from Paul Philip Levertoff's book Love and the Messianic Age. In this edition Brumbach explains how imitation of the Messiah is to love. Love is what connects us to God and connects us to others.

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Learning from Levertoff[12 Videos]


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    In The Sabbath Table, we included a special version of Kiddush on Erev Shabbat for Messianic Gentiles which highlights their important place in the Kingdom and relationship with the Sabbath.

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    The Great Replacement Theory

    The Great Replacement Theory is gaining traction. The conspiracy theories are just the latest rendition of the centuries-long tradition of European anti-Semitism. It’s been distilled and repackaged in a new form, but the substance is the same: a hatred of Jews and Judaism born of the darkest impulses in the human heart.