The Content and Origins of the Didache[01]

The Didache

Toby Janicki is the author of the new book published by Vine of David, The Way of Life, an important translation and Messianic Jew…

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The Didache


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    The Morning Without Clouds

    Christians know the Messiah by many names, such as Immanuel, Lamb of God, and Prince of Peace. In our Jewish tradition, the Messiah is called by many other vivid and fascinating names.

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    Biography and Selected Writings

    Daniel Zion

    With the publication of this book, Rabbi Daniel Zion joins the small society of Messianic Jewish luminaries published under First Fruits of Zion’s Vine of David imprint.

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    Messiah Magazine

    A Sephardic Rabbi Finds Yeshua

    Hacham Ephraim was convinced Yeshua was the Messiah but refused to be baptized into a church or even enter a church building. Hundreds of thousands of Jews had made the mistake of being baptized under the church’s authority in the Spanish Inquisition. These Jews were then forced to assimilate and hide any observance of Jewish law. Here is his story.