The Sabbath Table

Prayers, Blessings, and Songs for the Sabbath

The Sabbath is a sign between God and Israel, and the dining table is the hub of Jewish worship. These Messianic prayer books of blessings, songs, and commentary, provide Messianic Jews and Gentiles with expressions of praise and prayer deeply rooted in Jewish soil.


The Sabbath is a sign between God and Israel, and the dining table is the hub of Jewish worship. These Messianic prayer books of blessings, songs, and commentary, provide Messianic Jews and Gentiles with expressions of praise and prayer deeply rooted in Jewish soil.

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Vine of David is pleased to present The Sabbath Table, prayer books representing a key component of faithful Jewish living. The Sabbath is a sign between God and Israel, and the dining table is the hub of Jewish worship.

The Sabbath Table is offered in two distinct editions, both containing the same parallel prayers and songs, in Hebrew and English, on facing pages, providing Messianic Jews, as well as those among the nations who are drawn to Israel’s light, with expressions of praise and prayer deeply rooted in Jewish soil.

Exquisitely crafted, comprehensive, and thoroughly Messianic, The Sabbath Table stands proudly next to any comparative resource published in traditional Judaism.

We have endeavored to make these prayer books as user-friendly as possible. The resource accomplishes this with extensive commentary, instructions, ­visual cues, graphics, and other tools to help believers pray with understanding so that they may fully identify with the meaning and intent of each prayer.

These prayer books incorporate prayers and concepts from a variety of sources, including passages from the Bible as well as historical Jewish and Christian tradition—a valuable heritage passed down from earlier generations.

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The Features of The Sabbath Table

Heading and Paragraph Numbering System

Numbers and letters in the margins are used as references for the prayers. The major prayer sections are marked with numbers; each paragraph or subsection is marked with a letter. Using this system, the person who is leading prayers can direct others to a specific prayer or section. It is also used as reference for the commentary.

Messianic Inclusions / Messianic Gentile Alternatives

The Sabbath Table text conforms to the traditional text used in Judaism. However, in some cases, there are additional prayers, for all disciples of Yeshua. These supplement the traditional readings. Other times these are special alternatives provided for Messianic Gentiles in cases where the traditional prayer relates closely to Jewish identity.

Shaded Boxes for Special Occasions

Shading on certain portions of this book indicates that one should recite the shaded section on certain special occasions but at other times may skip them. On special occasions, it is a good idea to review the text beforehand to determine which shaded portions to recite.

Zemirot (Songs)

Zemirot (the singular is zemer) are songs that are sung at the Sabbath table during the meal, often between courses. They serve to transform the Sabbath meal into a spiritually uplifting experience. Zemirot are written to channel the pleasure and joy of eating satisfying and delicious foods into feelings and expressions of gratitude, joy, awe, love, and yearning for God.

Commentary Section

Both editions of The Sabbath Table contain a comprehensive commentary section. The commentary section provides instructional information on how to perform certain rituals, plus in-depth information on certain prayers, blessings, and songs.

Two Beautiful Editions

Both the Hebrew/English and English/Transliterated Hebrew editions contain the same prayers, blessings, songs, and commentary, as well as short instructional cues and notes on every page that will help readers enjoy the wonderful blessings of the Sabbath prayers.

  • The Hebrew/English Edition is best for people who can read Hebrew letters like this: שָׁלוֹם עֲלֵיכֶם.
  • The English/Transliterated Hebrew Edition is ideal for people who prefer to read Hebrew using the English alphabet like this: shalom aleichem.
  • Having both editions can also serve as a valuable tool to learn and pray in Hebrew.

English / Translitered


Hebrew / English


  • Specifications
  • Size: Book 5.5” x 8.375”. Thickness 0.90”  (page count: 211)
  • Binding: Case Bound (Hardcover), Smyth sewn (lay flat), round back, headbands, gold gilding, and one placement ribbon.
  • Cover: DuraTone™ PU/EF Mink (Synth Leather), (Blue [Heb/Eng], Brown [Eng/Transl]), with foil stamped (Brushed Gold) titles and decorative artwork and heat burnishing; squared corners.
  • Paper: Bright white, high quality Golden Sun smooth opaque, color-matching endsheets.

Learn the Prayers and Melodies

The Sabbath Table Audio Companion provides melodies and songs that will fill your home with joy and delight.


The Sabbath Table Audio Companion

This is a CD and MP3 resource that contains high-quality recordings of the essential Sabbath Table blessings, prayers, and songs. The 48-track audio resource provides standard melodies and clearly articulated lyrics for Hebrew prayers such as Eshet Chayil, Kiddush for Friday night, Kiddusha Rabba, Yedid Nefesh, Psalm 23, and the complete Birkat HaMazon (Grace After Meals). Also included are innovative melodies for Messianic inclusions, as well as four completely new Messiah-focused zemirot (Sabbath table songs), complete with musical accompaniment. Each track is keyed to the corresponding paragraph in The Sabbath Table.

Play it throughout the week at work, in the car, or around the house to help your family learn these beautiful songs and share in the classic Messianic Jewish Sabbath experience.

Audio Samples

Below are a few samples from the 48-track Audio Companion.

Shalom Aleichem

Candle Lighting


Psalm 23

Birkat HaMazon (Shabbat)

Reviews & Approbations

Vine of David has just released The Sabbath Table, Prayers, Blessings, and Songs for the Sabbath, and the following reviews have just been sent to us.

Vine of David’s publication, The Sabbath Table, is a beautiful expression of the publisher’s craft, with a design that invites the user into its pages, and content that is just as inviting. As the title implies, the book includes traditional prayers, blessings, and songs for the Sabbath table, and these are arranged with clarity and ease of access. It goes beyond this traditional content to present distinctly Messianic prayers, some based on early literature such as the Didache, plus alternative prayers for non-Jewish worshipers, which both preserve the distinction of Jewish calling and honor the unique place of Gentiles within the Yeshua community. The Sabbath Table ends with a thorough and practical commentary on all aspects of the Shabbat prayers. This beautiful book promises to enrich the holiness of Shabbat for all followers of Messiah Yeshua.Rabbi Russ Resnik, Executive Director, Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations

There is nothing like The Sabbath Table. With teaching the meaning of the customs of Shabbat beautifully, having editions for Hebrew readers and non-Hebrew readers, offering a collection of table songs with accompanying CD, and being such physically beautiful volumes they are worthy of the holy Sabbath. Thousands will learn more about Shabbat, learn how to practice its customs, find their relationship to Shabbat as Jews or as non-Jews, and increase the Presence of HaShem in their dwelling every week.Derek Leman, Tikvat David, Roswell, GA

I really love The Sabbath Table by Vine of David. The design is beautiful and the layout is the best I have seen in any Messianic Jewish Siddur. Its design rivals Artscroll and any other well-done non-Messianic Jewish prayer book. The best part of the book is the small crown that denotes when a specific Messianic Jewish prayer is added to a traditional Jewish blessing. This makes it easy for Jewish and non-Jewish users to see and understand the similarities and differences between Messianic and non-Messianic Judaism.  I also really love the opening prayer of the book as it honors Yeshua our Messiah first and foremost. To begin Shabbat as a family by honoring our Messiah Yeshua in such a tangible way is worth a lot for me as Messianic Rabbi, husband and father.  The Sabbath Table is a major step in the right direction of what Messianic Jewish Siddurs can and should be to the glory of ADONAI! Job well done to Vine of David and First Fruits of Zion and all who worked on this masterpiece!Rabbi Matt Rosenberg, Restoration, Seattle, WA

I have been using The Sabbath Table book every Friday evening at my Shabbos table. Without exception, everyone who sees it, wants some for their Shabbos table. The fact that it is laid out beautifully, and is seamless in use for Hebrew- and English-speaking guests at our table makes it a wonderful resource. Instead of having people listen along because they can't read Hebrew, they join in, reading the transliteration. This is a wonderful resource for our community, and I strongly recommend that every home purchase several for their Shabbat meals.Rabbi Dr. Michael Schiffman, Director, Chevra USA, Rabbi Emeritus, Aydat HaDerekh Congregation, Fort Myers, Florida

My family has always used a Siddur for Kabbalat Shabbat, but as believers in Yeshua as the promised Messiah we were wondering if a Messianic equivalent existed. I sent an email to FFOZ to ask, and now some weeks later I am holding a brand new Messianic resource in my hands. Amazing! It is called The Sabbath Table: Prayers, Blessings, and Songs for the Sabbath. It is a very beautiful book with a delicate design, blue cover with gilt edges. Its beauty invites you in, and gives you a desire to open it. I am sure this book is going to be a blessing for many Jewish believers in Yeshua who have the desire to unite their belief in Yeshua with their Jewish tradition.

I was wondering what exactly made this book specifically Messianic; how could I easily discover its uniqueness? The Sabbath Table has beautifully marked all Messianic insertions in the margin with a crown and a dotted line. I especially liked the insertions taken from the Didache. For whoever might not be accustomed to Jewish prayer, the book provides many good footnotes and explanations, and both layout and feature are beautifully done and easy to follow. This book provides Messianic Jews, as well as Messianic Gentiles, with expressions of praise and prayer deeply rooted in Jewish soil, and it shows also how important it is to dive into the Jewish sources.Elizabeth Levy, Director Caspari Center, Jerusalem, Israel

While few publications truly warrant the designation 'wondrous,' this is one of them. From its aesthetic beauty, to its visionary scope, to its concise but comprehensive and finely nuanced treatment of topics, to its marginal apparatus, to its assiduous efforts to explain the rich backgrounds of the multifarious dimensions of Shabbat, this volume is a consummate guide that helps readers to maximize their experience of Shabbat as "the life-changing spiritual discipline" it was intended to be. Moreover, The Sabbath Table is arguably a sui generis (i.e., one of a kind) publication, in that it rightly emphasizes the current inaugural form of the kingship of God and its coming fullness, and thus is suitably structured to allow Jews as Jews and Gentiles as Gentiles to worship together in God-established unity and God-designed distinction.Henri Louis Goulet, Executive Director & Academic Dean, Messianic Studies Institute (MSI)

With this new prayer book, Vine of David welcomes us to the rich tradition of Jewish prayer and song surrounding the Sabbath table. Celebrating the past, present, and future dimensions of Shabbat, the book exudes Messianic Jewish spirituality, most prominently in several new Shabbat zemirot inspired by teachings and stories of the Rabbi from Nazareth. As the leading publisher of liturgical resources which recognize the unique contours of Jewish identity while ensuring that Messianic Gentiles are not rendered liturgically invisible, Vine of David takes a bold new step in offering the Messianic Gentile a new kiddush blessing specifically crafted from ancient Jewish Christian resources. Innovative, spiritual, beautiful—The Sabbath Table is a promise of what is to come for tomorrow’s Messianic Judaism. Yahnatan Lasko

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