Daniel Zion

Biography and Selected Writings

Vine of David presents Daniel Zion: Biography and Selected Writings of Rabbi Daniel Zion. Rabbi Daniel Solomon Zion was a Holocaust survivor and disciple of Yeshua. He was the leader and the chief rabbi of Bulgaria until 1949 when he immigrated to Israel with most of the Bulgarian Jewish community.

This book contains a selection of the works of Rabbi Daniel Zion (1883-1979), some newly translated into English, along with a new biography. Rabbi Daniel Zion’s faith in Yeshua the Messiah became a well-known secret in the Jewish community of Bulgaria. His heroism and bold leadership during World War II played an important role in the survival of the Bulgarian Jewish community. It’s a story worth telling apart from our interest in Rabbi Zion as a Yeshua believer.

Rabbi Zion tells of the miraculous events surrounding his realization of Yeshua as the Messiah, his campaign against the Nazi regime, and his unwavering commitment to Judaism. Zion’s inspiring testimony and loyalty to Judaism as a Yeshua-follower was truly ahead of its time.

About Rabbi Daniel Zion

Rabbi Daniel Solomon Zion was a Holocaust survivor and disciple of Yeshua. His first rabbinate was in Sofia, Bulgaria, where he established several organizations and periodicals for the religious education of the Jewish community there. A chance encounter with the New Testament and a series of miraculous visions nurtured within him a private faith in Yeshua. During World War II, he campaigned to secure the rights of Bulgarian Jews against the Nazi menace and spent time in an internment camp. After the war, he became the chief rabbi of Bulgaria and the leader of a Bulgarian exodus to Israel where he began to speak publicly of his allegiance to Yeshua without converting to Christianity. He published many works of Jewish ethics and philosophy and was an early pioneer of Messianic Judaism.

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