Let’s Celebrate the Shabbat with Family & Friends!

The Sabbath Table Shabbaton is a time of special focus, education, and celebration on the Sabbath. These events are open to congregational families, friends, and guests—everyone is welcome!

Join us or host a Shabbaton

Together we will learn, sing, pray, discuss, and connect; all of the things that the Sabbath table is intended to foster. The Shabbaton is intended to affirm the good of the Sabbath, underscore its merit through in-depth discussions and teachings, and give individuals and communities some practical steps to honor God through the Sabbath in a meaningful manner. The time will fly by leaving deep impressions, wonderful memories, and a deep passion to bring this service into one’s own home.

Check out our current schedule for an upcoming Shabbaton, or to host a Shabbaton, connect with us to coordinate and schedule your event.