The Woman from Proverbs Chapter 31

| By Aaron Eby

Proverbs 31:10 asks us who can find a “capable” or “virtuous” woman. At first, this question seems a bit insulting. Are virtuous and capable women really that rare and difficult to find?

Divine Presence, eshet chayil, Provers 31, sabbath, Torah, virtuous

Many Lamps as the Sabbath Departs

| By Aaron Eby

According to Isaiah, we are to treat the holy Sabbath as “honored” (Isaiah 58:13). In Judaism, we accomplish this by treating the Sabbath like a royal, distinguished guest visiting our home.

Acts 20, first day of the week, honor, Melaveh Malkah, queen, sabbath, Sunday

Meditating on His Own Torah

| By Aaron Eby

In The Sabbath Table, we included a special version of Kiddush on Erev Shabbat for Messianic Gentiles which highlights their important place in the Kingdom and relationship with the Sabbath.

Apostolic Constitutions, Gentiles, kiddush, sabbath, study, Torah

The Primordial Light

| By Aaron Eby

There is no commandment in the Torah to light candles just before the Sabbath, and yet it is one of the most universal and beloved of our Jewish traditions. On a practical level, the candles enhance the joy and honor of the Sabbath by providing light and beauty.

candles, light, sabbath